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Meet Dr Ikhalia

Dr Joseph E. Ikhalia is a Senior Cyber Security Engineer at Riela Cybersecurity Centre Limited and played a lead role in the ISO 27001 accreditation of The Riela Group of companies. He previously worked as IT Security Manager of the world's first fully licensed Blockchain lottery - Quanta. Helping them develop, implement and maintain a robust cybersecurity strategy from concept to go-live and beyond. 


An expert in designing, implementing, and improving cybersecurity architecture, Dr. Ikhalia is the mastermind of the world's first social network security awareness application - social network criminal; he leads cyber threat management, threat intelligence, enterprise-class vulnerability assessments and penetration testing on a global scale.


Dr Ikhalia has worked with clients across several sectors worldwide and is known for pushing boundaries and pioneering new avenues within the growing field of cybersecurity. He is a recipient of the Dean's Award for Innovation and Impact (Brunel University, Computer Science Department) for his ingenious innovation -


Dr Ikhalia holds a first degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, a Master's degree in Information Technology, and a PhD in Information Systems and Computing. Dr Ikhalia's award-winning research has been published in a variety of peer-reviewed journals, media outlets, including a spotlight as the Best Paper of the 15th International Conference on WWW/Internet in Mannheim, Germany.


Dr Ikhalia’s work has attracted the interest of the UK government. In 2018, he earned a spot at "HutZero" - a government-sponsored cybersecurity program for people with innovative cybersecurity ideas.



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